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MaxKey is Identity and Access Management System-Single Sign On(SSO),Maxkey is Marx's key, which means the MAX key for Every People and Every Application。

  • Unified authentication and single sign on, simplify the process of account login, protect the security of account and password, and manage the account uniformly.
  • Provides SIMPLE, STANDARD, SECURE and OPEN identity management (IDM), identity authentication (AM), single sign on (SSO), resource management and rights management.
  • Standard security policy includes password policy, access policy; post security audit, user life cycle audit, access behavior record traceability audit, security compliance audit, security risk warning。

Product Features

Maxkey can quickly carry out unified management and synchronization of enterprise users and institutions, and realize the management of user life cycle; it can quickly complete the integration of application authentication through standard protocol, and support the access of PC, tablet and mobile phone devices。

Building Directory Service

Unify enterprise organization and user master data, construct enterprise directory service。

Single sign on

Once Login, Access all authorized applications。

Standard Protocol

OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect、SAML 2.0、JWT、CAS、SCIM2.0, etc。

Social Account Integration

Wechat, QQ, nail, microblog, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other social accounts login trust。

Multi-Factor Authentication

Support CAPTCHA, SMS , Google / Microsoft authenticator / freeotp / TOTP or HOTP。

Identity lifecycle management

Provides standard REST and SCIM2.0 interface to easily complete the Identity synchronization of the organization. It is based on the management architecture of Apache Kafka and connector。

Out of the box Connectors

Enterprise WECHAT, Dingding, Feishu, Huawei WeLink,SCIM 2,ActiveDirectory ,LDAP ,JDBC, etc Out of the box Connectors。

Security Policy and Audit

Configuration of password policy, access strategy; strong security audit, user life cycle audit, access behavior record traceability audit, security compliance audit, security risk warning。

Perfect Community

Perfect community, to provide you with a full range of consulting and technical support, while providing enterprise services。

Open source And FREE

Based on Apache License, Version 2.0,Open source And FREE,Reduce Cost。


The community helps you get the latest version, provides a place for communication, discusses the development direction and technical solutions of the product, and solves the problems encountered in the development and deployment. Join us to build the community!

Last Published

Date: 2020-09-24| Version: v2.2.0 GA

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